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Your happiness in Australia is our greatest reward.

Linksolution Group has been committed to assisting international students and professionals to secure their Australian visas, education and employment. We provide the highest quality advice and service as well as ongoing support.

You can enjoy a smooth transition with expert advice from skilled consultants who manage all aspects of your relocation. We take personal pride in finding the best education and employment opportunities to enhance your new life in Australia.

Australian opportunities, global connections

We celebrate diversity and relish being part of a worldwide brand. Thanks to our international partners, you can access some of the world’s most innovative jobs. The digital marketplace is also changing the way we work and you can count on us to keep you in step with global developments and maximise your opportunities in an interconnected world.

HR Solution

Recruitment Services – We make a difference through talent

For Candidates – Our specialist team of Recruiters listen to what you are looking and understand your motivations for moving jobs, offering you peace of mind.

For Employers

We have the financial backing to offer Contract Solutions with full employment checks, screening, interviewing, following transparent processes and payroll services. Being part of Outsourcing Inc we are able to offer Project Recruitment or Joint Ventures financial backing and RPO’s affiliated Partner agreements.

Our Executive and Target Search services enables us to attract, identify the best talent according to the brief and salary banding. We use Social Media to build talent pools and our consultants network with Industry Groups to target directly the candidates who would not apply to you directly.

In Australia we have two Recruitment businesses, one which services our major International clients finding bilingual talent across IT, Accounting, Banking, Sales, Administration, Engineering and Manufacturing. Our database of over 20,000 candidates enables our consultants to sell your brand to those passively looking and shortlist the best in Australia.

Most of our key clients have internal Recruitment teams and provide us with the specific briefs, strategic hires or where skill shortages exist. We offer competitive advantage through our Talent pools and search sourcing strategies.

– We offer a transparent contracting services to client and the candidate from pay rates to full Employment checks on rights to work, workers compensation and privacy declarations.



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